The time has come for our generation to build a coalition of ideas around a

strong ideology of a New Nigeria where things work and everyone is working to make things work.


MR. NIGERIA Purpose. Passion. Mission. Values

Fela Durotoye Loves Nigeria. He believes in a New Nigeria. And his undying passion

for Nigeria has over the years earned him the pet name Mr. Nigeria.



A Nation Builder beyond words



Together, we will

Deliver The Future



The time has come to build a New Nigeria; a nation that is committed to Good Governance with the capacity to create the enabling environment for all her citizens and residents  to dream, try, succeed and thrive all across the land.


A nation where every citizen of Nigeria dwells in safety and with peace of mind as we together passionately and creatively engage in fulfilling jobs that help us to enjoy an improved standard of living and achieve economic growth and social development for everyone.


Unarguably, Nigeria has great potential but our generation must accept responsibility to transform Nigeria from a potentially great Nation into a truly great nation.

There is no doubt that Nigeria has the potential to be a truly great nation, perhaps even one of the world’s greatest nations.

We are blessed with an abundance of natural & human resources and with a peculiar geographical advantage of being located on the nexus of the West African & Central/Southern African coast, we are practically right in the middle of the African continent.


Nigeria is closer (in nautical distance) than China or India to the continents of Europe & North/South America.

This puts us right in the center of world trade as it should be cheaper and faster to produce world-class products in Nigeria and ship to the rest of the world.

With a population of 190 million people, we are blessed with the opportunity to be the NEXT PRODUCTION BASE FOR THE WORLD.

"The time has come for our generation to build a coalition of ideas around a strong ideology of a New Nigeria where things work and everyone is working to make things work"

Purpose. Passion. Mission. Values

Fela believes that our generation has been chosen for greatness. A great generation delivers a better nation to his children than the one that it inherited from its parents.


According to Fela Durotoye, “No generation would be judged by what it inherited from its parents, but every generation will be held to account for the nation it bequeaths to the next generation. Regardless of what state Nigeria is in today, providence calls upon our generation to build a New Nigeria that we would be proud to deliver to our children and they would be grateful to inherit from us.”


Nations are like houses, and just as houses are built by plumbers, carpenters, mason, painters etc., nations also must be built by Nation Builders who do four things that can be summarized as ABCD… Accept, Believe, Commit, and Deliver.


Accept responsibility: For too long, we have abdicated the responsibility of nation building to others in government, foreign donors and investors, and even the United Nations. We have passed on the duty of making Nigeria great to the hands of a few people who have shown to us over and over again that their interests lie in their own progress and not that of the nation or its people. It is therefore time to change that method. Albert Einstein once said that it is foolishness to do the same things the same way and expect a different result. If things must change, then we must be the ones to change it.  The New Nigeria must be built by us. We must no longer neglect the responsibility of building our nation. Indeed, we must accept the responsibility to build the walls of our beloved Nigeria again.


Believe in its Potential & Possibilities: For the rest of the world, seeing is believing, but for us believers, we believe with our hearts and then we see with our eyes. We must believe in the potential greatness of our nation and our generation’s capacity to birth that greatness.


Commit to making it happen: We must be ready to commit our time, energy, resources and God-given talents to the manifestation of God’s will for Nigeria. Commitment always requires sacrifice. Therefore we must be willing to give all that it takes to the birth of this new Nigeria. Beyond this, we must be willing to commit our hearts to a set of VALUES that will guide our thoughts, decisions, words and actions. We must commit to live a lifestyle of leadership and excellence and to do all within our power to transform Nigeria into the most desirable nation to live in.


Deliver the future: The future is not a time zone yet to come. The future is not a date on the calendar yet to be revealed. The future is everything we can be as a people but have not yet become. The future is everything we can do but have not yet done. The future is everything we can have but have not yet possessed. The future of Nigeria is not in 2025. The future of Nigeria is in us and we must deliver the future of our great Nigeria by Wednesday December 31st, 2025.


Fela’s purpose is to raise a generation of Nation Builders who would be committed to building Nigeria into a most desirable Nation to live in.

"Sometimes, it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom"
– Nelson Mandela


A nation is not defined by its borders or the boundaries of its land mass. Rather a nation is defined by people from diverse Cultural, Ethnic, Religious & Social backgrounds who have been unified by a noble cause and a set of values that form the basis for common unity (community) in understanding what is right & wrong, what is good & bad, what is acceptable & unacceptable. When people share common values, they become brothers & sisters regardless of where they are from.


When people share a common vision, they become focused on their unified future rather than their diversified past.

For more than a decade, Fela Durotoye has worked to inspire a generation to believe in the vision for a New Nigeria & to commit to a set of Values that unite Nigerians beyond their cultural diversities.

Fela has used his mastery of words to inspire action that has resulted in the transformation of the lives of people, organizations & nation states.


His mission is to build people into super-achievers and responsible leadersbuild corporate organizations into global market leaders and responsible corporate citizens as well as assist governments in developing blueprints and programs that create a desirable environment for their people to do great things.

"Action speaks louder than words"

FD 2019

The future of Nigeria is everything we can be, but have not yet become…  It’s all we can do, but have not yet done… It’s everything we can have, but have not yet possessed.


The future of Nigeria is what it can and must become ... a most desirable nation to live, work, invest and do business in and with.


Clearly, it is time to Deliver The Future of our great nation but in the words of John Legend, “The Future started yesterday. We are already late.”


Sign up with Team FD today, and let us join hands together to Deliver The Future.


Nigeria 2025 is not a national cake we hope to all share, its a cake we must be ready to bake” – Fela Durotoye

"What we need now is a nation of great people who live to positively impact others and build enduring legacies"
― Fela Durotoye

Make a Positive Impact on Everyone I meet and everywhere I go.

Be a Solution Provider and not a part of the problem to be solved.

Be a Role Model Worthy of Emulation

Be my best in all that I do Particularly the things I am Naturally good at.

Do the right things at all times, regardless of who is doing the wrong thing

Value time and make the best use of it

Care & Show respect to all through my words and actions

Consciously build a great legacy, starting now, today & everyday

Live a life of integrity and honour

Make my family, my Nation & my God proud.

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Raise a Generation that is Empowered Motivated and Stirred to Operate with Natural Excellence. (GEMSTONE)


Help NATION BUILDERS live a lifestyle of LEADERSHIP & EXCELLENCE for ACCELERATED DEVELOPMENT (L.E.A.D) in their Personal & Professional Lives as we collectively build Nigeria into a most desirable Nation to live in.


Build Nigeria into a most desirable Nation to live in by Wednesday, December 31st 2025.