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It represents the dream of someone who says “Fela, I’m passing the baton to you, run to make my dreams and the New Nigeria come true

Our campaign doesn’t take money from big donors, godfathers or vested interests, because we know “he who pays the piper, dictates the tune

That’s the old order of money politics. It may be the easier way, but it’s not the right way.


We want to deliver the benefits of good governance to 191 million Nigerians, not to a select few.

We're doing this the right way, we want to be accountable to YOU, working for you, and that’s why we need your help.

Skeptics have said expecting people to be committed enough to own this campaign isn’t the way to build a grassroots movement , but they’re wrong. It’s the right way to do politics.

This commitment will create a grassroots campaign capable of not just changing the outcome of the 2019 election—but capable of changing the course of this country.


Our mission is to get as many people as possible to give, as early as possible.

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